CDS/John Blue Pump Repair Service

“My pump is broken, I guess I should have had Pattison’s service my John Blue pump.” Eliminate unnecessary downtime when seeding, and save money on our John Blue Pump Services Program, between July 1st and March 1st.






CDS/John Blue pump repair service

Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. offers a complete repair service performed by our technicians at a fixed net base cost.

this Service includes:

1) Steam cleaning acid dipping and flushing of all parts.

2) Visual inspection and checking of all wearing parts.

3) Complete reassembly, including the replacement of all normally worn sealing parts (gaskets, seals and packings). These items are included in the base repair price!

4) Replacement of all worn or damaged metal parts. These parts are not included in the repair kit and will be charged on the basis of regular repair parts. However, there will not be any extra labour charged for the replacement of any necessary worn parts.

5) Complete production test, calibration, degreasing, painting, etc.

6) This pump will carry a 1 Year Warranty from the repair date.


Please note: Due to the ever increasing safety concerns for our employees and the diversity of materials being used in these pumps, please thoroughly flush all pumps before returning for repairs.


Pattison winterizing anti-freeze (propylene glycol mix)

Please thoroughly flush all pumps before returning for repairs!

Also remove all inlet and outlet fittings.


Be wise and winterize!

Using the proper type of Anti-Freeze will enhance the longevity of your fertilizer pumps from the elements of our cold winters. Improper storage can cause expensive unwanted repairs!

Standard Features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Will not damage gaskets and seals that would occur with using methanol or ethanol brands causing unwanted costly pump repairs
  • Safe up to -48 degrees centigrade
  • Recommended by CDS/John Blue Company
  • Available in 4 litre and 20 litre jugs


Watch the video below for proper winterizing of John Blue pumps



Problems Caused with other Products:

50/50 Diesel and oil mixtures

  • Causes Plugging in distribution kit screens if not flushed properly
  • Causes Gaskets and seals to swell out of shape
  • Can still freeze of gel and cause internal and external damages


Rv anti-freeze/windshield antifreeze

  • No rust inhibitors (most brands)
  • Contains methanol and ethanol, which dries out gaskets and seals
  • No lubrication qualities


Automotive Anti-freeze

  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Contains ethylene (which dries out gaskets and seals)
  • may contain silicate
  • can freeze or gel if not mixed properly