Connect Pull-Type

Apr 15, 2020 | Pattison Liquid Systems News

Connect Dot Ready PLU S120 Pull-Type

Pattison’s Connect PLU S120 is a Dot-Ready High Clearance Sprayer with all the high-end features you need to keep your product application running smoothly- without the expensive cab, chassis, and tires.
A 1600 US gallon stainless steel tank and 120-foot aluminum booms equipped with recirculating booms, individual nozzle control and many other state-of-the-art features, make this an attractive piece of technology to add to your farm fleet.

The Pull-Type Sprayer uses the integrated technology from Pattison’s development on autonomous Dot Ready Sprayers. Connect Pull-Types are a viable alternative in today’s spraying machinery. Reduced sprayer costs allow you to make use of idle tractors on your farm and cover more acres.

Connect PLU S120 Pull-Type Sprayer

MSRP: $215,000.00

Tank And Trailer

  • High-clearance frame for reduced crop damage
  • 800 metric tires for floatation and reduced compaction
  • Adjustable hitch to keep frame level
  • ISO- Ready connection integrates with in-cab ISO display.
  • Total drain tank sump
  • 1600 USG product tank- 3″ fill
  • 100 USG rinse tank- 2″ fill


Connect S120 Sprayer


  • Aluminum 120-foot booms-reduce weight and increase strength
  • Durable and light weight breakaway with fore and aft movement
  • Shock absorbing mounts to reduce boom wear
  • Stainless steel wet boom pipe increasing flow and decreasing chemical residual
  • 5 position Wilger nozzle body turret
  • Raven XRT auto height controller
  • Auto-Folding Capabilities


  • Raven Hawkeye rate controller has: individual nozzle control, turn compensation and pulse width modulation
  • Recirculating booms
  • Hypro stainless steel pump
  • RCM rinse pump controller
  • Hypro cast rinse pump


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