Connect Sniper Press Release

Connect Sniper Press Release

Connect Sniper Pull-Type Sprayer

You thought your farm needed an all in one sprayer, until you needed two.

The fall of 2020 brings exciting news with the release of the newest Connect Sprayer. The Sniper is in a class of its own for Pull-Types with the latest technology integrated into the spraying system. This implement will become the go-to applicator on your farm for fertilizer top dressing and herbicide application. With today’s high clearance market, the cost to purchase a new self-propelled sprayer can be in excess of $600,000! We are introducing an alternative means to fill the sprayer gap on the farm with our Connect Pull-Type models. You get the best quality products at a third of the cost.

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The Sniper takes its name seriously. With all the smart controls integrated into a user friendly platform, weeds don’t stand a chance.

High-clearance sprayers are one of the most used pieces of equipment on the farm. Hundreds of hours are spent in that machine trying to utilize every second of good spraying conditions to get all your acres sprayed. But what happens when you need two? You find yourself looking at purchasing another new high clearance or a used miled-out one. Neither of the options are an appetizing expense.

Another thing to consider is the cost of depreciation to operate your high-clearance sprayer. For every hour your sprayer is running, how many dollars does that cost your farm each year? What if you had a versatile applicator that can handle the majority of the applications on your farm, and you can park your high clearance in the shed when it is not needed?

The Connect Sniper is designed with a stainless steel 1,600 US gallon product tank, 120-foot aluminum booms all on top of 800 metric tires for less compaction and more floatation. Outfitted with Raven Hawkeye® 2 or Weed-It Quadro this sprayer is smart enough to reduce input cost on every acre. With one-inch stainless steel recirculating boom pipe, consistent boom pressure is ensured across the sprayer to maintain even application pressure.

Raven Hawkeye 2:

Take the industries most competitive spraying system and reimagine it with even more precise application controls. Raven’s product controller Hawkeye 2 ensures accurate droplet coverage with a load of smart features. With every Sniper Sprayer producers will get Individual nozzle control creating 72 virtual sections over 120 feet, turn compensation, blockage detection, over 17% increased flow per nozzle, increased operating pressures of 10 to 120 psi, with over 60% reduction of power consumption per nozzle! Wow that’s a lot right?
Hawkeye 2 has five modes of operation creating flexible options for all your applications to maximize every droplet In your fields no matter the product.

WEEDi-IT Quadro

With blue light shining ahead of your sprayer, Weed-It Quadro detects plant chlorophyll in weeds to activate nozzles when needed. The Weed-It system comes with nozzles every 10 inches across the 120 foot boom to target every weed with less product.

This spot spraying product controller also comes with other modes of operation to meet the variety of needs on your farm. Cover mode allows it to operate like a traditional spraying system with pulse width modulation to be able to vary the application rate continuously.

The Sniper is available with two smart spraying options. Why not use an applicator that brings a return on investment in input savings and efficient delivery of product?

Boom Height Controller

Raven Autoboom is the preferred choice for keeping optimal spray height and ensuring boom protection.

Connect Recirculating Wet Booms

The Sniper comes standard with the Connect recirculating wet booms systems. Say goodbye to boom-end flush valves and air purging. With simply engaging the product pump, all air is removed from the system and ready to spray.

In the standby mode product is constantly agitated maintaining product suspension to reduce solution separation. As well, product makes multiple passes through two 80 mesh screens to reduce plugged nozzles from sediments in the water.

Without having any dead zones in the system (a dead zone is where product settles and builds up making it harder to clean) rinsing after a field has never been easier. Simply turn on the rinse pump to move water from the 100 US gallon rinse tank washing down the product tank walls and then circulate the product to clean the system. This reduces operator exposure to chemicals without having to open boom end valves making sprayer cleanout safer for you and your farm staff. For more information on recirculating systems see an article including our Autonomous Connect S120 Sprayers.

Sniper Requirements

To operate the Sniper Applicator a minimum of a 200 hp tractor is recommended. The sprayer is powered by two auxiliary hydraulic systems, one to run the product pump and one to run the boom controls. Many farms across Western Canada already have a 200 hp tractor to run augers on the farm. Why not create another use for that tractor instead of having it sit idle?

The Sniper is available for pre-order this fall with our $5,000 deposit program. A limited number of applicators will be produced for spring of 2021. To find out more on how to get the Sniper on your farm contact us today by calling 1-866-509-0715 or email general inquiries to!

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