Fertilizer Sectional Control

Fertilizer Sectional Control


Sectional Control Video Transcript: Hi, Ron here with Pattison Liquid Systems. Today we are going to go over our fertilizer variable rate and sectional control system. We use all Raven Industries components for valving. We can tie into most of the existing guidance systems out there that you have in the cab already. In some cases, we will have to add a rate controller in there. But if your monitor will control flow, then then we are on our way.

We use a return to tank system. We do that to accommodate the different pumps out there, whether it is a ground drive pump or a centrifugal pump. We do not have to worry about the pump bypassing product if it is a positive displacement pump.

On our setup here this is your supply line, your return line. This is going to go back to your tank. We have a spike valve built in and our butterfly three-way valve in the back next to the flow meter. Each of these valves runs off to one of the sections on your drill. So very similar to the sectional control on a sprayer.

As you are going along and you cross back into seeded acres, the sections are going to turn off to reduce overlap. We are going to see a three to five percent savings on overlap in your typical square fields. If you were comparing the numbers from what you seeded to what you fertilize on a wet year with maybe one hundred acres on a on a quarter. Lots of potholes, trees, things to go around, that number can be up to twenty five percent in savings. You probably would have seen these numbers in the difference of what you seeded to what you sprayed after if you had sectional control on the sprayer.

Our sectional control system comes mounted on the stand with the with the poly cover, we are going to have pressure gauges for each section on the system. On the monitor you will be able to see when your sections are turning on and off. But the pressure gauges will show you that nothing is plugged and that everything is turning on properly.

Liquid fertilizer application

Pattison Liquid Systems Auto Rate application systems allow you to control and change rates on the go. When used in conjunction with sectional boom controls, the system can assist in reducing fertilizer costs. Basic control package includes, flow regulating valve, manual pressure relief valve, flow meter, 10’ flow harness, and up to 12 sectional boom valves. This system can be easily adapted to existing application controllers. Find more information here!

sectional control Features:

  • A complete pre-assembled auto rate package, for easy installation.
  • Mounted on a heavy steel frame.
  • Shield protects components from damage.
  • Components are resistant to the corrosive effects of liquid fertilizer.
  • System allows for higher rates of today’s fertilizer usage.
  • Pressure monitor system included with the purchase of multi sectional boom controls.
  • System is compatible with seed sectional control systems.

IsoBUS- Product Control also available

Industry leading flow and application control technology
Optional switch box for manual override of individual section
Universal product page no matter what controller you use
Task controller interface, section control compatibility, data-logging, and variable rate application with a supporting virtual terminal.

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