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Jan 20, 2023 | Pattison Liquid Systems Products

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Get ready to cover more acres in 2023 with the Inductor FLEX!

The new Inductor Series by Pattison Liquid Systems is designed with flexibility in mind. The Inductor FLEX has the capacity to service todays fast and accurate sprayer filling needs. With a 200 liter per minute induction rate of chemical, filling your sprayer turns into a race day pit stop.

As optimal spraying conditions are limited in the growing season. It is important to maximize the most used piece of equipment on the farm. Your sprayer.  How many acres are lost per day when your fill times are over ten minutes?

The tried and tested design of the Inductor Flex takes inducting chemical to a new level with a 220 liter per minute venturi when paired with the 13 HP Hypro pump. The Inductor Flex has options to suit your farm needs: a Main Tank Assembly, a Tote Meter option and a 3 inch Pump option (either Honda or Power Pro engine).

The whole system is designed with versatility, allowing you to set it up accordingly to your sprayer deck configuration. All of the components of the Inductor Flex can be arranged on any side of the skid or mounted elsewhere to meet your needs.

To pre-order your Inductor Flex for the 2023 season contact us for a demo or more information.

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Main Tank Assembly Includes:

  • 60-gallon cone bottom tank,
  • A stainless-steel jug knife installed with a jug rinse,
  • An anti-vortex plug to ensure air is not introduced into the chemical line,
  • 3” inductor plumbing capable of inducting 220 liters per minute. The fastest on the market!
  • The inductor plumbing can be mounted on any side of the tank or moved onto the sprayer deck for easy access.
  • Fresh water valving for tank sanitation or mixing dry powders,
  • Powder coated skid,
Inductor Flex

Inductor Flex Tote Meter Option Includes:

With the versitile meter options say good bye to slow chemical pumps!

Inductor Flex Meter Assembly option

Pump Option Includes:

Inductor Flex Pump Option

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