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deep bandingPattison Liquid Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of liquid fertilizer application and handling equipment, located in Lemberg, SK. Rick Pattison is the sole owner. Originally brothers Rick and Larry Pattison founded the company known as Pattison Bros. Agro Ltd. in 1979. Pattison Brothers Agro Ltd. retailed all forms of fertilizer (with liquid being the majority), crop inputs, crop production and provided custom application from their retail outlets in Lemberg and Wadena, and partnered with  Bell Agro Ltd. in  Indian Head and Edenwold. The stores were sold in 1998. Pattison Liquid Systems Inc.continues the dedication to manufacture the highest quality liquid fertilizer equipment as Pattison Brothers had done since the beginning. The Pattison’s have used liquid fertilizer on their own grain farm since 1979 and continue to do so today.


Over the years trends have changed in the methods of fertilizer application and the equipment required. The Pattison’s have either been instrumental in the changes to the application methods themselves or in adopting the equipment to meet the changes. Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. is aware of the demands today’s farming can place on producers and equipment alike. Pattison Liquid Systems manufactures equipment that is designed, manufactured and tested by farmers to meet those demands.


Currently, there are two application methods that are presently quite popular, the first being direct seeding with liquids. This is where all of your nutrient requirements are placed at the time of seeding.  The second being dribble banding, where nutrients are top dressed to meet the needs of economic and environmental factors.


There are many reasons for the current demand of liquid fertilizers.

Here are a few of the most popular reasons more and more farmers are switching to liquid:


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Placement – The ability to precisely place the nutrients in close proximity to the seed without risking seedling damage.

Efficiency – By connecting a liquid wagon to an air seeder, growers are able to, in many cases, double the number of acres/fi ll of seed.

Cost – It is very simple and low cost to convert ones existing equipment to a direct seeding system.

Agronomics – The composition of liquid nitrogen (28-0-0)being UAN or urea ammonium nitrate, allows for a somewhat timed release of nitrogen throughout the growing year.

Flexibility – The ability to dribble band liquids in a postemergent application.

Simplicity and Safety!!!

Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. is also a manufacturer of Spray Managment Systems!

In 2013, Pattison Liquid Systems, launched a new line of Spray Management Systems. This line of products was developed after listening to the Western Canadian farmer explain the short comings of the current products that were available in the market place. The greatest concern voiced by the farmers was the extended time it took to fill the sprayer. The line up of the Pattison Inductors will provide quick fill times and accurate measurement of chemical as it is inducted into the fill line. Pattison Liquid Systems continues to work with farmers to develop and add new products to the Spray Management Systems.



If you are considering making a change to your seeding, spraying or liquid handling systems, be sure to give Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. a call


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