Ron Hughes

Sales Manager


Ron Hughes

Ron’s career in Ag started as an Owner/Operator at Kelvington Transport. He bought grain and worked in crop inputs, then took at Parts Manager position at the John Deere dealership in Kelvington. He started at Pattison Liquid Systems in 2008. Ron loves the people he gets to work with at Pattison, both coworkers and customers. He loves catching up at trade shows, events, and farm visits with the people that he talks to on the phone all year long.  The best part about the Ag industry is it is really a small, connected world and it is full of great hardworking honest people. Ron truly cherishes the long term relationships that have developed and continue to grow with the producers Pattison serves.

Away from work Ron loves to camp and spend time with his  family, fish (well not actually fish, he would rather guide friends and BBQ on the boat while they fish), quad and really enjoys the quiet of the country. He is still playing some rec hockey hoping to get noticed by a scout – his goal was to be the first 44 year old rookie to make the NHL but as most of the scouts couldn’t travel because of COVID, that didn’t happen. There’s always next year!

Ron won the Greater Kelvington Wormburner award in 2021 for hitting a drive 165 yards that was never in the air.