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Dec 5, 2023 | Pattison Liquid Systems Products

Unleashing Innovation: Exploring the Features of the Pattison Inductor Flex Series

The new Inductor series by Pattison Liquid Systems is designed with YOU in mind. We’ve looked at the requirements on the farm to increase spraying efficiency and have unleashed the FLEX series to help improve your spraying season. The Pattison Inductor Flex features full three inch plumbing allowing you to move water at 400 gallons per minute. PLUS it comes with a leading edge venturi capable of inducting 200 liters per minute of chemical from bulk containers. 

All of the options on the Flex are also designed to be configured as you need on your spray trailer.

  • Prefer to operate the Flex from the ground? No problem, remove the front valving from the tank with a couple bolts.
  • Want to have the pump right by your tanks and the Flex tank elsewhere? Simple, just unbolt three bolts and put it where you need.
  • The horizontal meter option doesn’t fit your trailer configuration? No big deal, flip them up, side ways, or mount them to the wall of your van trailer.

Our goal is to create a simple system that is configurable to your needs with or without all the options! All the information on the options is found below. Or if you prefer to see the Flex explained on our YouTube video scroll to the bottom.

Racing Ahead with the Pattison Inductor Flex:

Optimal spraying conditions are limited throughout the growing season. So how can you get more acres done without driving faster in the field and losing efficacy or under applying product? Why not keep the sprayer in the field longer, and not stare at it filling with your hose in your hands.

The 200 liter per minute venturi allows you to move A LOT of product from your bulk containers directly into the water stream. By utilizing the venturi there is no need for 12 volt chemical pumps to transfer chemical into batch tanks. This not only saves you a step, but also saves you time when changing products as you have to rinse these batch systems. Plus using a venturi can help reduce your chemical exposure with its closed system when handling chemical from bulk containers.

These numbers sounds great but can we back them up? Of course! We took our Flex on farm to fill a 1,200 gallon sprayer for fall burn off. When the customer pulled up we started the timer and they inducted 120 liters of RoundUp, topped off the water and returned to their seat in 5.5 minutes. Saving 10 minutes every time you fill adds up pretty quick. Ever fill 6 times in a day and wish you could have gotten those last 100 acres done? Try speeding up your fill times with the Pattison Inductor Flex!


    Pattison Liquid Systems Inductor FLEX

    60 Gallon Main Tank Features:

    Breakdown of the Main Tank Assembly components:

    • 60-gallon cone bottom tank with total drainage.
    • Stainless steel jug knife with 1-inch plumbing for jug rinsing.
    • Anti-vortex plug for preventing air introduction into the chemical line.
    • 3-inch inductor plumbing for rapid chemical induction at 220 liters per minute, the fastest on the market.
    • Freshwater valving for tank sanitation or mixing dry powders.
    • 10-foot wash hose.
    • Powder-coated skid.
    Pattison Liquid Systems Inductor FLEX Meter Option

    Tote Meter Option:

    Overview of the Tote Meter Option:

    • Two 2-inch valves and one 1-inch valve for inducting chemical from totes.
    • Mcnaught flow meter with no calibrations required when changing products.
    • Option for a remote display kit for meter head.
    • Freshwater valving for cleaning chemical lines between products.
    • Flexibility in mounting on any side of the tank or on the sprayer deck.

    13 Horse Power Pump Option:

    • Introduction to the Pump Option:
    • 13 hp electric start Power Pro Engine paired with a 3-inch Hypro pump.
    • Impressive flow rates of 440 gallons per minute.
    • Inclusion of a battery box and battery cables (battery not included).
    • Flexibility in mounting on any face of the main tank assembly.
    • Honda engine option available.
    Pattison Liquid Systems Inductor FLEX Pump Option
    Black Ace Remote Honda Engine Starter

    Enhancing Sprayer Filling Performance with Accessories:

    The Honda Remote Engine Starter is a device designed for small engines with electric start that allows remote operation of the engine using a wireless remote control. This device enables the user to start or stop the engine from a distance and increase or decrease the RPM’s. Making it an ideal solution for applications where the engine is difficult to access or is installed in a remote location. The Remote Engine Command is easy to install and use, and it is compatible with a wide range of Honda or Power Pro engines. With its reliable performance and user-friendly design, the Honda Remote Engine Starter is an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their filling operation and improve their overall efficiency.

    If I use a venturi will I be able to get all my chemical in before the tank is full of water? 

    Our Inductor is engineered to maximize the amount of chemical transfered without using alot of water. For every 250 liters (68 gallons) of chemical inducted we use 340 liters (90 gallons) of water at 50 PSI. 

    For example, if you add 1,100 liters (300 gallons) of water in your sprayer tank before you start adding chemical. Then add 120 liters (32 gallons) of RoundUp. You will have a total of 1380 liters or roughly 370 gallons in your tank. This not only leaves you with lots of room to add other chemicals, but also allows you to not rush when building your sprayer tank recipe.


    So, Why Not Fill Your Sprayer Faster?

    The Pattison Inductor Flex is a versatile chem handler designed to meet the challenges of filling your sprayer. Gone are the days where chem pumps are used to mix batches causing you to handle chemicals multiple times. The 200 liter per minute venturi is the back bone that allows you to process your chemical faster to get you back in the field. Couple that with our 400 gallon per minute pump option and you will have the opportunity to spray more every day.

      • To get more information about the Pattison Inductor Flex contact us today at 1-866-509-0715 or email us at
      • Watch the our YouTube video below to get a personal walk through on the Flex!
      Hose Reel

      Every 3 inch hose reel we make comes standard with an all steel Double O-ring Liquid Lock Swivel. These swivels are withstanding the test of time and proving to be very dependable. We only stock 3 inch hose reels with stainless steel swivels, as the majority of our reels are used with liquid fertilizer to increase the longevity of your equipment.