Our 1 inch sight gauge hose is a light-duty, low-pressure air and liquid hose. However, it is most commonly used for sight gauges on bulk liquid storage tanks. The 1″ clear vinyl tubing features an 1/8″ wall and is a clear, flexible and lightweight tubing that provides full-flow viewing, flexibility and dimensional stability. Vinyl hose may be steam sterilized for any food grade applications where fluid transfer is necessary. The 1 inch sigh gauge hose is ideal for many plumbing applications for suction and discharge sides of small pumps. Refer to a vinyl compatibility chart if you have concerns with any specialty chemicals.

It is easy to assume that each agriculture hose is built the same, it is not the case. The agriculture environment is demanding and requires only the most premium quality hoses. This is because they face inclement weather, rubbing or movement on machines and heavy use, farm hoses require a premium construction to survive these elements. Pattison Liquid Systems only sources high quality options to provide our customers with.


  • 1 inch sight gauge hose
  • Mainly used as a sight gauge on bulk liquid tanks
  • Remains clear to see fluids for many seasons
  • Temperature range of 1 to 189 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sight gauge hose is ideally suited for low pressures

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