Air induction dual pattern flat spray tips provide excellent penetration and seed head coverage for fungicide spraying on cereal crops.

The AI3070 dual spray tip by TeeJet, utilizing a patent-pending design, provides two spray patterns at complementary angles of 30º and 70º from vertical. The leading pattern provides coverage of the rear of the crop and penetration for coverage within the canopy. The trailing pattern provides thorough coverage across the top of the crop canopy. The AI3070 dual spray tip is ideal for fungicide application and disease control in cereal crops.
AI3070 Features & Benefits
• AI3070 produces two wide angle, flat spray patterns for uniform coverage in broadcast applications
• 30° forward tilted spray penetrates dense crop canopies, while the backward tilted 70° spray maximizes coverage of the crop seed head
• Drift resistant drops are produced through the use of a venturi air aspirator
• Large round free passages minimize clogging
• All acetal construction for excellent chemical and wear resistance
• Removable pre-orifice for fast and easy cleaning
• Automatic alignment with the use of CP98578-1-NY cap and 98579-1-NYR cap and gasket
• Suggested spray pressure range of 1.5 – 6 bar (20-90 PSI)
Typical Applications
• Excellent penetration and seed head coverage for fungicide spraying on cereal crops

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  • Air induction green: SSAI307015VP
  • Air induction yellow: SSAI307002VP
  • Air induction purple: SSAI307025VP
  • Air induction blue: SSAI307003VP
  • Air induction red: SSAI307004VP
  • Air induction brown SSAI307005VP


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