Part Number: BAMFM100

The Banjo BAMFM100 flow meter is an excellent choice for metering high volume products. With unrestricted flow designed in the meter housing, the BAMFM100 can read flow as fast as you can push it through a 1 inch pipe. The MAG meter design works with products like water, fertilizer, Round-Up and Liberty. However, the meter cannot read products that are petroleum based.

±:1% of reading (between 10% and 100% of maximum flow)
±:3% of reading (between cutoff and 10% of maximum flow)
Displays overall total volume and batch total volume!
Easy to change six (6) AA batteries.
Flow rate allows for Gallons or Liters Per Minute.
Glass-reinforced polypropylene.
Measures water and most conductive liquids. Will not read petroleum based liquids.
No moving parts to fail during use.
Self calibrating meter.
Temperature range from 0º: & to 150º: F.
Maximum operating pressure 200 PSI.
The BAMFM100 display reads: digits for Rate, digits for Total and & decimal place reading in tenths.
There are 3 photoeyes located on the face of the BAMFM100 flowmeter. Note: These are not push buttons, to activate you must hold your finger over the photoeye for 2-4 Seconds.
It is recommended to have at least 10X the diameter of straight pipe before and after the flow meter.

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