Part Number: HY34300589

Replacement Hypro 9303 pump seal kit is for centrifugal hydraulic pumps.

This repair kit is for the following pumps: 9202S, 9203S, 9206S, 9262S-C, 9263S-C, 9302S, 9303S, 9306S, 9403S If your pump starts leaking from the weephole or the flow rate and/or pressure drop you most likely need to replace the parts that come in the seal kit. This 3430-0589 seal repair kit is for stainless steel pumps but can be installed in cast iron versions. For cast iron pumps the standard repair kit part number is 3430-0332 with includes the Viton®/ceramic seal.

Weight: 0.5lbs

Click here for repair instructions.