The PLS5210 Tow-Between fertilizer wagons are field tested and quality assured to provide many years of service on your farm.

The PLS5210 Tow Between wagon is built with the customer in mind, assuring that the quality of workmanship is the best in the industry. New liquid fertilizer wagon models are field-tested prior to being offered to the market place, to ensure that the design meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our heavy-duty tubular construction, axles, and hubs are designed to exceed the total load limit, giving you many years of trouble-free service. We also offer a variety of tires and track systems to greatly reduce soil compaction. Other options include, 13 HP Honda fill pump to reduce fill times, John Blue ground-driven pumps for tractors with limited Hydraulic oil flow, and automatic fill pump shutoffs.

Standard Features

  • 5200 US gallon tank capacity
  • 15 degree cone bottom tank with total drainage
  • Wagon dimensions 328″L x 198″W x 138″H
  • Shipping dimensions 320″L x 198″W x 138″H
  • 6″ x 12″ .375 frame tubing
  • 800/65R32 rear duals
  • 35,000 lb. hub and spindles
  • Hypro 9300 series stainless steel hydraulic centrifugal pump
  • Banjo polypropelene flanged fittings
  • Chemwash
  • 2- 3/4″ and 6- 1/2″ stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • 13HP Power Pro with Hypro 3″ fill pump
  • Fitted with hydraulic lines from front to back
  • Also fitted with hydraulic lines from hitch to pump


  • CDS/John Blue double piston stainless pump
  • 13HP Honda with Hypro 3″ fill pump
  • towing light package (stop and turn signal with 4 pole flat plug)
  • automatic fill pump shut off package (device that automatically shuts your pump off when the tank is full)