Raven Boom Valve

Part Number: RA10630171926

The Raven boom valves are used for sprayer and liquid fertilizer sectional control applications.
• Inlet size mates with M200 Series Banjo fittings.
• Outlet size is 3/4” female NPT or mates with M100 Series.
• Max working pressure is 175 PSI .
• Flow is 40 GPM at 10 PSI pressure drop. CV is 13.
• Plunger style valve for complete shut-off.


  • 40 GPM flow rate at a 5 PSI pressure drop per valve
  • Inlet Size Mates with M200 Series Banjo Fittings
  • 0.7 seconds full open to full close cycle time
  • 175 PSI maximum working pressure
  • Flanged or NPT threaded plumbing options
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Current draw: 2 Amps typ. (5 Amps max.)12-volt operation
  • 1/4 (F) NPT gauge port
  • Outlet Size is 3/4″ Female NPT or Mates with M100 Series
  • Plunger style valve for complete shut-off


Kits & Replacement Parts

  • Boom valve, motor only – RA10630172330
  • Boom Valve, body only- RA11060159522
  • Flanged inlet- RA11060159523
  • Viton O Ring, for flanged inlet- RA12190002214
  • U-Clip- RA11070171327