The TeeJet SJ3 Fertilizer Nozzle provides simple fertilizer top dressing capabilities with a wide range of sizes.

The TeeJet SJ3 fertilizer tip is a polymer spray tip that is made for applying liquid fertilizer with a 3-stream pattern. They create 3 solid streams of an equal rate, quantity and delivery at 20″ of height. This means less leaf burn from the fertilizer and almost zero drift. The removable metering orifice allows you to easily clean each nozzle if it does plug from fertilizer debris. In addition with the TeeJet SJ3 Fertilizer tip, you get excellent chemical resistance as a result of the all acetal construction of each piece. Choose from a variety of VisiFlo color-coded tip capacities with pressure ranges from 20-60 PSI.

Typical Applications

  • Excellent for application of liquid fertilizer on bare ground or in standing crop.
  • 3-stream pattern is ideal for directed application.
  • Top dressing liquid fertilizer

Features and Benefits

  • VisiFlo® color-coding system.
  • Three solid streams of equal velocity and capacity.
  • Removable metering orifice for easy cleaning.
  • Ten sizes for a wide range of application rates.
  • 20 to 60 PSI operating pressure
  • Equally spaced distribution at 209 (50 cm) height.
  • Use with Quick TeeJet® cap 25598-*-NYR.
  • All acetal construction for excellent chemical resistance.
  • Recommended operating pressure: 20–60 PSI (1.5–4 bar).
  • Solid stream pattern minimizes leaf burn and virtually eliminates drift.

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  • TeeJet Streamjet, Green: SSSJ3015VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Yellow: SSSJ302VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Blue: SSSJ303VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Red: SSSJ304VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Brown: SSSJ305VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Grey: SSSJ306VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, White: SSSJ308VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Lite Blue: SSSJ310VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Lite Green: SSSJ315VP
  • TeeJet Streamjet, Black: SSJ320VP

Caps for SJ3 Tip

  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – White: SSCP255971NY / SSCP1144421CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Red: SSCP255972NY / SSCP1144422CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Blue: SSCP255973NY / SSCP1144423CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Green: SSCP255974NY / SSCP1144424CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Yellow: SSCP255975NY / SSCP1144425CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Brown: SSCP255976NY / SSCP1144426CE
  • Quick cap – TJ, AI & SJ-3 – Orange: SSCP255977NY / SSCP1144427CE



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