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Liquid fertilizer wagon-early purchase program

Receive up to $5,600 CASH BACK on the purchase of a new Pattison Liquid Fertilizer Wagon this fall! With models ranging from 2,600 USG to 6,800 USG we have Tow-Behind and Tow-Between options available for all farm sizes.

  • All sales transactions must be completed by Dec 31/2020.
  • Qualifying Cash back will be paid directly to the end user.

Call us today Tol-Free at 1-866-509-0715 for more information!

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Tow-Behind Wagon

Pattison 5210TB Wagon

Tow-Between Wagon

Connect by pattison

spring 2020

Connect will be offering Dot Ready Sprayers as a pull-type option to producers spring 2020. If your farm is short a sprayer but a self-propelled is too costly of an option, Connect offers a viable solution to save you money and still cover more acres.

Saskatchewan made Connect sprayers are designed as a Dot Ready Sprayer, or a pull-type with all the bells and whistles of today’s technology. To view more information, click on the Connect brochure below, or email inquiries to

Testimony-terry aberheart

As our farm has expanded to 15,000 acres. we where at a point where at certain times we needed or could use the extra spraying capacity.  Specifically at herbicide timing, when at times we should be doing first pass Canola at the same time as cereals.

With the cost of new high clearance sprayers very high and being in the situation that two high clearance sprayers would be more then we need we started thinking about pull types as a good way for us to fill the gap.  We did a lot of research and number crunching before deciding to go with the Connect Sprayer from Pattison. At 1600 gals and all the new technology you would find on a new high clearance we thought this would be a good asset on the farm.  The Raven Hawkeye system with individual nozzle control saved us 2-4 percent over our current 11 section self propelled unit.  The circulating boom and new Raven boom high control systems worked very well.  On the farm we have numerous MDFW tractor and or 4WD’s that could pull the connect sprayer and are not being utilized at this time during the year.  With equipment costs continuing to move higher each year, we felt that for roughly a 1/3 of the cost of a high clearance sprayer this would be a great option to help fill the gap and get better utilization of our equipment.

The unit exceeded our expectations and worked very well and also is quite a simple system. The fact that it also will be ready and can be used with the DOT autonomous platform is a bonus as well. We where able to operate comfortable at 12mph and could cover a good 1/4 section or 160 acres in about 75-minutes which is just a bit longer then it would take to cover with our 120-foot high clearance sprayer.

The team at Pattison was great to work with and was very responsive to any issues we had and helped us work through the learning curves of setting up and operating a new machine. I would highly recommend taking a close look at this unit for your operation.  The innovation we see coming out of western Canada and a dedicated team behind it gave us the confidence to try the Connect system out. We have been very happy with the results and feel confident in working with the great team at Pattison Liquids Systems.