Ball and Socket Maintenance

Ball and Socket Maintenance

Ball and socket maintenance

Hi, Ron Hughes here at Pattison Liquid Systems. Today we are going to go over ball and socket maintenance on one of our tow behind Liquid Caddies.

So, this is our setup. We have a three-and-a-half-inch ball and there are two socket halves on top here. The socket halves sit on the ball and up inside this box. You are going to want to make sure that if you start to see any filings down on the frame, the box housing is starting to crack out or you cannot get to the grease nipples on the side here that you are going to want to pull this apart and inspect it.

There are multiple ways of doing it. What we have done here is blocked up the frame and then dropped the axle out with the tires off. The components that we are looking at today, are the ball, the two socket halves and then the box.

When you replace the socket halves, you are going to want to make sure that your ball is in like new condition. Typically, what we see on model’s 2015 and older with the cast socket halves is the when the halves wear, they will flatten out the ball. If you go and just put new socket halves on the ball, and it is not round, it is going to wear them out prematurely.

So, if the ball needs to be replaced, it is a replacement item.

If they have worn so much that the cast blocks have broke out, you will see that the box will come down onto the axle and you will see crack marks in the bottom of the boxes. The boxes can be replaced as well. This is a nice, easy setup.

With the new ball, we are going to drop on a little piece of electrical tape around the outside of the socket halves and make sure to line up the grease nipple holes with the ports on the box. We will put the socket halves on.

Now we will lift the axle up into place. When you have lifted the socket halves and the ball back into place properly, you are going to see that the grease nipple is in the middle of that port. Then you will know that everything is in the right place. With the axle lifted in place we are lined up in the middle here.

We are going to put the tightening bolts in, and we are going to put them in opposite directions. The mounting bolts will be torqued to two hundred- and eighty-foot pounds.

Our last step is just to install the grease nipples. Again, we want to make sure they are lined up in the center. You don’t want to over tighten the grease nipples, or you will pull the threads out of the plastic socket halves. We will give them a good grease before we hit the field and at the end of each day to reduce the wear on the components.

Replacement part numbers:

3 1/2″ Ball part number: PATT10035

Socket Halves part number: PATT10050

Replacement Box part number: PPSMB350


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