The BALS280 is a 2″ Banjo line strainer with a 80 mesh screen. The BALS280 fits Banjo 1.5″ and 2″ NPT Y-strainer housings. Stainless steel screen can be used with water, chemicals or liquid fertilizer.

How to size your strainer:

  • Sizing your filter is determined on a case by case scenario depending on what your trying to accomplish. However, there is some generalization with spraying systems. Courser filters from sizes 16-40 mesh can be used on the suction sides of pumps to remove debris that might damage your pump. It is recommended to follow the pump manufacturers instructions on sizing your pre-filter size as some pumps may burn out with too small of a filter. On the pressure side of the pump filters typically decrease in hole size from 60 to 200 mesh to remove fine particles and won’t cause the pump to cavitate. Large sprayer nozzles can easily get away with an 80 mesh filter. However, smaller orifices may require 100 mesh or more to stop the nozzle from plugging.
  • If your fluid does have a lot of sediment in suspension it may be required to have multiple filters in line to reduce filter plugging. For example, on the pressure side of the pump you can tee in an 80 and a 100 mesh filter to reduce the amount of times it is needed to be cleaned.
  • How to clean your filter: for most scenarios soaking your filter in warm soapy water will help loosen debris. Depending on how stuck on the debris is you will likely have to scrub the inside and outside of the filter to get it clean. Always read and follow chemical label and directions when coming into contact with it.
  • If you have pressure problems in your system always check and clean your filter. Or clean it daily.

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